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5 Examples of Great Marketing Copywriting

One of the most powerful elements of marketing is definitely copywriting. But for content marketing to work the content must be delivered to the audience and make a significant impact. And that’s where the difference between excellent copywriters and just another copywriter comes in. 

Those who make great content usually have some basic rules they follow. You can be a great copywriter too if you follow the rules too. This rule goes with the name rule there.

What is rule three of marketing copywriting?

Rule of 3 is based on a very simple principle. That things that come in 3s are more satisfying, inherently funnier and more effective than all the other numbers. When you use words either in written text or speech, the audience is most likely going to get the information if it is written in 3s. I know by now it is already sounding confusing but it should not because I promise you it is very simple and if you apply the rule 3 perfectly, you are definitely going to make it as a copywriter.

This idea is not my invention, it dates all the way to the Greek rhetoric and to understand how this idea is working for digital marketing just look around the world and see how it works on everything. To begin with, (past, present and future), how about (mind, body and spirit) if that’s not enough how about the infamous ones like (sex, drugs and rock).

Why does the Rule of 3 work for content?

Well, it all goes down to how our brain works and processes information. The human mind is very good when it comes to formulating comfortable and easy patterns. And three so happens to be the lowest number that can create a pattern. Meaning a pattern created with 3 is more comfortable and making it very memorable.

How to use rule 3 in marketing copywriting?

Enough of science and philosophy, let us get to the real deal. In marketing, you need to make sure that your message has been received by the intended audience. Think of rule 3 as an engine that will make the content reach the audience faster, easier, and bring about better results regardless of the media that you are using to deliver the message.

To make sure your rule 3 improves your marketing efforts, deliver powerful presentations through slide share in a way that your audience can simply understand. The second or should be the first thing you need to do is write better and more engaging content. When you are writing an article offer the 3 main ideas before continuing.

The basic point of rule 3 is that you should make it as simple as possible for your audience to understand your content. Simplicity is the key and you can confirm that making the content easy to understand for the audience leads to better results from the examples I am going to provide to you.

Examples of killer marketing copywriting

1. Basecamp landing page

You are just going to love the creativity of the copywriter behind the landing page of basecamp. First all, it doesn’t have a lot of unnecessary information just a little description about the company and a very small ad that says “join the 4008 businesses that signed up last week and then a call to action that asks you to try out for 30 days free. 

First the fact that they are telling you to join 4088 others shows you that you are not the only one and the point where they tell you to try out for 30 days free makes you ask yourself, why should I not? There is no risk anyway. And boom, more and more customers.

2. The Hustle’s email opt-in page.

The Hustle has a lot of things you can copy but my personal favourite is the email opt-in: “your smart-looking friend that sends you an email each morning with tech and business news you need for the day.” How can you not subscribe to an email list like that? I mean it is well personalized, conversational, short and fun to read and that’s how your copywriting copies should be like.

3. Miss Clairol’s Hair-coloring

Anytime you want to make a change in your body, you will obviously want people to notice right? In most cases, it does not matter if is fake or not, or if you have 6 packs you want people to notice… you want people to notice your hair and the same can be said to all the women colouring their hair. How about copywriting like that, killer right? Combining results and how a customer gets them can get the job done.

4. Medium’s “Our Story” page

Medium has put together all the things we don’t like about social media and crossed it with red like we don’t that here. We don’t do pop us, we don’t do clickbait, we don’t do sponsored content etc. 

Then they write what they do like we offer quality, original ideas, and clean reading experience. This is another killer copywriting idea that you can try out. Nothing complicated about it, very simple yet it can work miracles.

5. Squarespace’s landing page

Just like basecamp, everything about them is perfect and you just don’t know what to love the most. But I choose to fall in love with their landing page. More like the basecamp’s but cuter. Noting much on the landing page just some speakers and a call to action that says start a free trial. 

I mean, there is no risk for you, no credit required. Communicating that there will be no pain to sign up. This idea is really working for many companies and it is something you should definitely try out.


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