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3 Examples of Great Sales Copy

Copywriting has been a key to success for many businesses, the ability of copywriters to tell the story of a company in an engaging way. Using the right words consistently can turn a small business into a huge profit-making business. So what does some businesses do right and you don’t? 

We will be looking at some companies that have excellent copywriting but before we get to that I think it will be wise if you improve your skills as a writer with the 3 basic rules of copywriting.

Basic rules of sales copywriting

If you want to be different and better than your competitors, then at no point should you ever break this 3 basic rules. Whether you are writing a blog post, newsletter or even a simple email. It will be fun isn’t it, having your audience reading your content from the first letter to the point you tell them good luck?

Unfortunately, it is not always simple, readers always find excuses to stop reading your copy, that’s just how it is they will always be finding excuses to stop reading your stuff but if you never break this 3 rules, your readers will be clinging to your copy like a kid does to a mother.

Whether you are a sales professional, or an internet marketer, whichever the case you can be sure of benefiting from these basic copywriting rules. So which are these 3 basic rules I have been yapping about since the beginning of the article?

Confusing copy

Nothing can be more deadly to your content than a confusing copy. If your copy is confusing, the ability to sell content to your readers is literally dead! The confusing copy will make the readers want to find an alternative of something familiar and in that case, change their mind about buying from you.

Just imagine being confused by the salesperson when you are trying to buy a product. You will start thinking the product will not be benefiting you anyway. So what do you do? In most cases, you will just not buy the product. Your sales copy is your salesperson and if it is confusing then no one will be willing to buy.

Eliminate the unnecessary details and just use simple plain language because the industry jargon words tend to confuse a lot of readers. In most cases, your readers know a little about the industry and just because you can use the jargon words with ease it does not mean they can too. If you have to use those abbreviations and jargon words, then educate them about the words.

Unbelievable copy

If you can’t prove what you write, just cut it. Don’t base your copy on generalization or hype. For example, this strategy will bring you leads than you can ever imagine is just unbelievable. How do you know his level of imagination? I mean people can imagine, I imagine quite a lot, I imagine getting like 10 million leads can your strategy give me that? If it can’t just say it will increase your leads with maybe 40 percent after implementation. Now that’s quite believable.

Boring copy

No one loves reading a boring copy when there are so many options out there. Do you want to read a boring copy? Don’t tell your audience what they know and have. You don’t need to convince an alcohol addict how bad it is to be an alcohol addict. What will they have to gain from that anyway?

Chances are if they are searching for help from you, then they already know how hard it can be so you don’t need to remind them. Just put the friendly reminder in a creative way like address yes it is difficult, add just little bit salt to the wood, share your story how you had the same difficulty or your friend for that matter and then present the solution nice and easy. By this you can be sure of not going out of topic, spending too much on a particular topic and definitely not boring your readers.

Some examples of sales copywriting

Now that you understand how to write the basics behind copywriting, let us take a look at some companies who made it.

1. UrbanDaddy

The company has mastered the art of email marketing that no one can resist. Their emails are short and go straight to the point. The language is simple and clear and follows all the grammar rules. The tone is conversational and fun to read. The unique tone is in all the emails and their homepage too. You can visit and confirm.

2. Articulate

You are just going to love how witty their copywriters. The headings are just amazing, for example, not the usual blah, blah! The articles are fun to read and captivating. The message is short and clear using examples for easier understanding of the audience.

3. Moosejaw

Many companies are not brave enough to use their products with an unconventional copy but that is not Moosejaw. They have been using humour to sell their products and it seems to work just fine. Their adverts are fun and appeal to the emotions of the audience making it even more memorable.

Some of their call to actions are just brilliant and show up when you move your mouse. Their product description is even more amazing, check this one, “get these leggings not these soggy ones in the picture, but fresh dry ones in a new plastic bag with those little packets that say DO NOT EAT.” Cool right?


There are so many companies utilizing copywriters to create content for their sales efforts yet the same things stand. Their copies are not confusing, their copies are not unbelievable and most importantly their copies are not boring. Employ those 3 basic rules and you can be sure of more leads.


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