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Lead Generation Strategies are Easier than You Think

The goal of any business is always to get more customers, right? But getting more customers is no easy thing considering the fact that you are not the only one selling or offering those services. But if you have a good lead generation strategy and put enough efforts, you are definitely going to make it.

What is lead generation?

Different people have defined this term differently but it all leads to one thing, a process of which you can use to create more potential customers for your business. Lead generation strategies are usually introduced to make your business known to other people. But essentially the main goal of lead generation is getting high intent customers but it will all be pointless if your business is not exposed.

Why is lead generation important?

A lot of salespeople nowadays are preferring inbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketing is where people come in willingly and the people who come out of their own will tend to work way better than those coming out of cold calling. Working this interested leads usually brings about better results. This is the reason why most businesses are relying on lead generation which helps them generate traffic and more traffic usually mean more potential customers. Lead generation reduces the gap between the business and those people who are willing to buy the product or those in need of services. When you use a lead generation process, your business will have more chances of getting the attention of the buyers by showcasing something that they will value.

1. Create a Lead Generation Plan

As we have established, lead generation is important whether you are trying to get customers into your eCommerce store or just want to promote your digital products. Your business is going to need leads for it to succeed. any business without leads has less chance of existing for a long time. But the sad reality is that it is not is easy to create a successful lead generation strategy. This is why we decided to create this guide to help you create a lead generation process that will actually increase leads to your business. Use this super simple plan and you can be sure of a successful lead generation campaign.

2. Determine Your Needs

There are usually 3 main requirements that every business require in order to start lead generation. To begin with, you must have a website for your business. After establishing a modern website, then you can think of generating leads out of the visitors to your website.

The very first step is optimizing your site for SEO in order to enable the site rank on the google search results. The next step is selecting an email service provider, you can try out drip or constant contact. And the last thing is deciding how you are going to capture the emails of the visitors to your website.

3. Email is Your Killer App

Now that you have already chosen an email provider that fits your budget, integrates easily with the plugins on your website and one that has all the features you want, it is time to take advantage of the tools offered by it. Actually many email service providers usually offer a free trial for beginners, take advantage of that and make use of all the tools offered which usually include:
  • Subscriber profiles where you can monitor and keep track of the customers’ interactions.
  • The multiple email lists.
  • The automated emails which target the users according to their behaviour and what they prefer.
  • The analytics which helps you review the number of subscribers that opened your email and clicked any link.
  • Finally, the design options. Go for the templates that are mobile-friendly that will offer all your visitors with an amazing experience.

Lead Generation through Email Marketing

Grow your email list and provide your customers with high-quality content. This will build loyalty towards your brand, attracts new users and bring about more conversions. Use social media as one way of engaging your customers and getting to know them even better on a personal level.

Email marketing will help you promote your products as you educate and interact with your subscribers. Always listen to the feedbacks of your customers before developing any new features. Once you have built trust and loyalty and the customers believe that you are the best, you will be surprised by the number of people buying from your store, there will be nothing to stop them purchasing from you.

Capture Every Email

You need to improve your email list in order to improve the lead generation. There are different ways of capturing emails and the most obvious one is asking the visitors of your website to sign up for your email list. But unfortunately, not all visitors are always willing to subscribe to your email list so you might want to consider using other creative ways to grab their attention. One of the most used is the use of pop-ups and when one is about to exit your site is asked to subscribe to the email list, if he was pleased with the content on your site, he will gladly do so. Other means include sidebar widgets, after post widgets and floating footer bar.

Monitor Your Metrics

It is very important to regularly view all the analytics by your email service provider so that you can get to know what your customers are interested in the most.

Email marketing is just one of the many ways you can use to generate leads to your business. A website is a must-have but if you don’t have you might still get lead generation via social media and offering discounts and promotions.


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