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How to Use Trigger Words

What are trigger words to start with? In simple terms a trigger word a word that initiates a process or a course of action

We all know what a process is but what is a course of action? A course of action can be defined as a sequence of activities that an individual or a group of people may follow. Or it can be defined as a scheme adopted to accomplish a mission or a job.

For all writers and content creators, trigger words are very vital and the more experienced and skilled using the trigger words the better you will be at communicating. The trigger words cause an emotional response from the readers and feelings that have an impact on them.

The choice of words will affect whatever you are writing. Be it a blog post, an email, memo or even a novel. If you want people to enjoy your book or blog post there are certain words that you should use frequently. In fiction writing, you learn how to use these trigger words to create a tone for your work.

But when it comes to business writing, you need to understand what the readers want to read and do. Whether you want them to think about an issue, buy your products or empathize with you, the choice of words is vital.

When it comes to blogs, you need to learn how to choose trigger words that will make people want to visit your blog at the first place and words that will make them want to visit your website again. The right words can build a desire to buy your products and this will improve your conversion rates.

A person will buy a product from your website if he needs it or if thinks that the product is going to improve his life. And he will only empathize with you if you make him agree with you by your choice of words. It is not rocket science, using trigger words simple yet very impactful.

On the other hand, the wrong choice of words can even bring down your business and can turn quality content into something else. To help you out we have collected some of the most used trigger words and we will give a brief explanation on how you can use them.

6 Examples of Trigger Words

Here are six of our favourite Trigger Words along with suggestions on how to use them. 

1. Free

The word free is super effective way better than almost free. Is there anyone out there who don’t like free stuff? Almost everybody if not everyone loves free stuff. And even those who don’t love will still be intrigued to know about this free stuffs. By using the word in your blog posts, social media posts and email newsletters you will be appealing a lot of people at the same time.

The word free makes an immediate impact and you can be sure of boosting your Twitter engagements and other social media campaigns. People love bargains and not many appreciate using money when they can get something worthy for free.

2. New

I guess this is obvious, everybody loves new stuff. That’s why you will find people on google searching for things like best new music of 2019 or new movies 2019. People want to stay up to date. When you include the trigger word in your posts the readers stay alert and excited knowing that they are about to experience something they have never used before.

Post on your social media when you are about to launch and the audience will be excited about it, most probably even share on their social media channels too. You can even include the trigger word in your introduction and if possible include it on the title of the content.

3. Proven

Nobody loves trial and error, your audience wants something that is so sure. Use of this trigger word will stimulate your twitter engagement and engagement of your blog post. If you are giving out a strategy or technique it is important to include a piece of information that it is proven and it is working.

The word is respected and it builds trust with your audience. And if your audience believes that you are trustworthy, they will go an extra mile with engagement. The best way to use the trigger word is on the headlines but you can use it in the body too.

4. Easy

No one likes complicated stuff in this life most especially this google generation. They all want something easy to execute. Even if the idea if the execution of the strategy is not necessarily easy, just use the trigger word because people have different capabilities, some will still find it very easy. But as a content creator, it is your job to make the content that is confusing and complicated easy. Break it down that even the dummies can understand and that will be a step towards the right direction.

5. Secret

People love hearing secret and you can use this fact to increase your engagements. The trigger word causes your audience to be curious and hence have more desire to go through your content. Use the word on your headlines as well as in the body.

6. Yes

The word yes creates a positive atmosphere and it is like an empowering system. Inside your content, use the trigger word in phrases like, “yes, you can do it” or yes that’s more than possible. The word yes inspires the reader that he or she can achieve whatever you are trying to teach him or her on your blog post. Use this trigger word in your email subject line and be sure of more opens. 

Start Using Trigger Words Now

Other trigger words include, if, more, never, unbelievable, hidden, cover-up, no one talks about etc.


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